The New Extension Avalanche

By now anybody with even a passing interest in the domain business has seen the latest round of applications for new domain extensions. A few of the bigger players are jumping into that pond in a big way.

Some very smart and successful companies have placed their bets, and ICANN has to be happy counting all of those non-refundable $185,000 checks! The domain peanut gallery seems to have mixed emotions about many of the proposed extensions.

When looking at the coming changes – you need to ask a few very basic questions. Why would a person or company that’s already successful in the established domain space be willing to make a half million dollar bet on a new and unproven extension? Because there’s LOTS of money to be made if you do it right!

There will be some successes and more than a few failures. But for the smart groups that execute well, and have a viable and desired extension, the rewards will be great. I can’t wait to see how it all shakes out, and I’m looking forward to the new and unforeseen opportunities that arise as a result.

Change is a dynamic process, like the creation of electricity.

Electricity can be generated by the rapid creation and collapse of a spinning magnetic field. And that power can be harnessed in very interesting ways. Ways that the early electrical generation pioneers couldn’t even foresee yet.

The coming domain space changes are similar. These changes WILL create new opportunities. The question is – will you be able to look forward and see them? Or will you be selling buggy whips? I know that I’ll be keeping an open mind and watching closely. Very closely……

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