End User Marketing

What types of names qualify for end user marketing?

Not every name is suitable for marketing to end users. Domain name marketing takes time and research. End user sales are the ‘Holy Grail’ for most domain investors, because they’re usually at the high end of domain valuation. When an end user buys a domain name, it’s typically going to be developed for their business, and will likely never be available again.

There are many elements to consider when marketing domain names. Here’s an article that helps to explain some of the important elements to keep in mind when considering whether your domains are suited for end user marketing:

12 Reasons Your (Domain) Baby Is Ugly

Here’s two great infographics from legendary domainer Frank Schilling at DomainNameSales.com, that he’s very generously allowed us to use to help explain domain valuation:

Domains 101

Why A Premium Domain Name?


Here’s a list of criteria to consider for names that might be acceptable for end user marketing:


  • Keyword Rich – high ‘exact’ search (Google Adwords Keyword Tool/Bing Keyword Tool).
  • .Com is preferred in most cases, some ccTld’s (country code, ie – Credit.com.au).
  • .Net or .Org only for high CPC (cost per click) names with commercial keywords.
  • No advertisers for the term? Might not be a big market of buyers for the name!
  • Reversed keywords? It needs to sound natural, like the way people speak and search!
  • High CPC terms are generally preferred. High CPC = competing advertisers paying big $$!
  • No ‘Adult’ or Trademark names. ‘Typo’ names for strong generic terms are usually OK.
  • Brand names are NOT suitable for end user marketing – they have to come to you!
  • Portfolios are valued on multiples of revenue, or by traffic in a specific vertical.
  • No hyphenated names.

This is not an all inclusive list. We can provide you a complimentary domain portfolio review. We will work with you to select appropriate names from your portfolio for marketing to end users. Since our time and expertise is provided free of charge, we need to be selective how we spend that time. We don’t make money selling your names unless you make money!

Generally speaking – we can’t sell your domain if it has no traffic, no revenue, is not a commercial keyword based name in .com, and it doesn’t pass the ‘Radio Test’. If you heard it on the radio – would you remember it and know how to say it and spell it? If not – it’s likely not a good candidate for outbound marketing.


What does it cost for you to sell my domain name, or list them in your newsletter? Are there any limitations that I need to know?

For outbound domain marketing, we charge a commission of 20% for sales of $50,000 and below, and only 15% for sales over $50,000. Keep in mind that these are sales that are targeted to end users. End user marketing requires lots of research and is very targeted to specific domain buyers. History has shown that domain sales prices are maximized when they are targeted to end users. For inbound inquiries that we negotiate on your behalf, either through the DomainNameSales.com sales platform, or from forwarded domain inquiries, we only charge 10% of the gross sales price.

For newsletter sales, we charge a flat rate of 15%, with a minimum commission amount of $150, and a 90 day exclusive for the listing.

For names that we accept into our end user marketing program – we don’t charge any fees, but we do ask for a 90 day exclusive, as well as compensation for any sale that occurs from contacts made on your behalf in the following 90 days.