Domain Services

DSP is a full service domain brokerage and domain management company. We have experience in all aspects of the domain business. Our services cover the full spectrum of domain related activities, from end user marketing and stealth domain acquisitions, to joint ventures and development.


Joint Ventures – We are always interested in Joint Venture opportunities, and we have the talent and experience to assist you in bringing your premium generic names to life! If you have a great, keyword rich name, and don’t have the time or resources to properly develop, call us for a free consultation…


Domain Sales – DSP direct markets generic, keyword rich names to end users. When properly priced, most domains will sell if placed in front of the right decision maker. We focus on finding the right prospects to directly market your premium names to. History has shown that the best sales prices come from directly marketing names to end users.


Domain Consulting – DSP is ready and able to assist you with your domain portfolio. We have the experience that you need to provide you guidance for your domain strategies. We can help you domain pricing, domain name marketing, domain acquisitions, and development.


Domain Acquisitions – DSP will work with you to help you secure the premium domain names that you need for your business. We have access to over a million of the world’s best generic domain names, in all price ranges. If you have an idea and a budget – we WILL find you a great name! And we promise to never ‘Double Dip’. We feel that to be unethical. If we’re working for you – YOU are our client, not the seller! If a seller pays a fair commission – we won’t also be charged for our buyer services!


Domain Buying

Your online presence can be enhanced by the right domain name. All of the highly searched generic names were registered many years ago. Some have highly targeted and valuable type-in or direct navigation traffic. Traffic that bypasses any search engine, as well as the websites of competitors. That is one of many factors to consider when budgeting for and searching for a good website name.

Many website names can be discretely purchased directly from the current owners. There is also a robust secondary marketplace for domain buyers. Your domain name defines who you are online, and can make a significant difference in your online success. They are available in every price range. We have access to over a million of the world’s best domain names, across several private portfolios.

There are domain auctions every day. Sometimes a really good domain name can be acquired through a systematic approach. We are able to leverage our many contacts across the domain industry when we hunt for a name. With our unique skills we can stealthily search for, identify, and purchase valuable and relevant domain names for our clients. We can complete a domain search for almost any budget. When you’re ready to buy a domain name we will work with you to make your domain name search as painless as possible.

When you work with us we promise to never ‘double dip’. As a buyer, we will not charge you anything for our services if the seller pays a fair commission. Some domain brokers will accept fees from both parties in a transaction, and do not disclose that. We believe that to be dishonest, and prefer to follow the well established real estate model of full disclosure.

We charge only 10% of the domain price for identifying, negotiating, and buying on your behalf. If the seller pays at least that amount you pay us nothing! Our goal is to find you the best possible name to fit your budget, at the lowest possible price.


Domain Selling

If you own good generic domain names and would like to discuss selling, please call or email us. We direct market fairly priced generic names to end users. End user marketing is more difficult and time consuming, but will typically yield the highest sales prices.

There are a multitude of factors to consider when evaluating the value of a domain name. Here are a few:

Extension (.com, .net, .org., etc.)

Length ( v

Age (1995 registration v hand registered last week)

Traffic (4 unique visitors/month v 200/day)

Vertical (insurance=high value traffic v pencils=low value traffic)

Radio worthy (easy to spell, say and remember v quirky spelling and hard to say and remember)

And many more!

We charge a commission of 20% for sales of $50,000 and below, and only 15% for sales over $50,000. For inbound inquiries that we negotiate on your behalf we only charge 10% of the sales price.