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Does the world really need another domain blog? Probably not. There are so many others that do such an excellent job at reporting breaking news. So we’ll leave that to them.

Others provide excellent content in the form of expert interviews, or stories of ‘How I Did It’ and such. Great stuff really, and very inspiring. I read some of them daily or weekly. I’ve posted links to a few here. I’ll add others over time.

A quick introduction – I run a dedicated team of domainers and website developers that have gathered together for the purpose of creating synergy and value for our clients first, and ourselves second.

My name is Bob Olea, and I’ve been active in the domain space since 2006. Prior to that time, I was a real estate broker and a real estate appraiser. One day while I was looking for some domain names for my real estate business my internal light bulb lit up. I realized that domains are virtual real estate!

So I shifted all of my broker and appraiser skills into the domain space, and I’ve never looked back! It’s such a great business – SO full of opportunities! And the people? Forget about it! What a brilliant and interesting bunch of entrepreneurs! I’ve been very fortunate to have met and become friends with many of the top domain professionals over the past few years. I’ve done business with some as well.

I originally met many of them at the TRAFFIC domain conferences that I’ve attended. It’s a conference that I highly recommend to anybody that’s serious about the domain business. In any endeavor – if you want to be successful – it’s important to spend time with the people that are already successful in that field. And TRAFFIC is probably the best place that I know for that!

In my spare time I’m also an airline pilot. It’s certainly an odd combination, but somehow it (usually) works for me. My usual route these days is flying a 747 to Australia several times a month. Occasionally I fly a trip to Japan or Germany, which is great since I have brothers in both locales. The universe works in mysterious ways!

The purpose of this site is to occasionally post a mildly interesting article about the domain space, biased towards the brokerage side of buying, selling, and monetizing domains. We hope that we can pass along some of the good knowledge and insights that have been shared with us over the past few years. When you share knowledge it usually returns to you in other unexpected and beneficial forms.

Our offices are in beautiful San Clemente CA. If you’re ever in the area – feel free to stop by!

PS – A special ‘Thank You’ goes out to my friend Frank Schilling of who generously allowed me to use some of his great infographics for my Domains101 and FAQ pages. And to Brendan Wells of who sold me when I was having trouble finding a good name for a domain sales website!


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