How Far And Wide Is YOUR Internet Reach?

A weak domain name is like a local Ice Cream Truck!

A weak domain name is like a local Ice Cream Truck!

The other day I was in my backyard, and I heard the distant siren song of a favorite childhood sound – the music of the local Ice Cream Truck! And yes – I meant to capitalize the term. Because we all know how important the Ice Cream Truck actually is to anybody under the age of 12.

Even today I want to go out front and chase him down the street. Why don’t they ever seem to sit still for more than a few seconds so the kids can actually catch them and
spend their hard earned allowances on frozen blobs of sugary goo?!

And what does this have to do with domains? Well actually – a lot! Because a ‘good’ domain is like an old and branded Ice Cream factory that’s been in business for years, and has lots of customers that are happy to visit the stores that sell their delicacies. A ‘bad’ domain is just like the lonely little Ice Cream Truck that’s (not so) slowly rolling and trolling through your neighborhood for customers. How many can he possibly hope to reach? And how limited is his market? It’s mostly kids in the neighborhood under 12 that:

1) Hear his music and realize that it IS an Ice Cream Truck.
2) Have the cash to buy some ice cream.
3) Are motivated to get off the couch or drag themselves away from the videogame/texting that they’re completely immersed in.
4) Are quick enought to actually catch up with him him before he leaves the neighborhood.

Sort of limits what they he can possibly hope to make. Just like setting up a bad website on a terrible domain name, or with an unloved extension. As opposed to a highly searched for generic .com domain name. It’s just like the old and branded Ice Cream factory. Billions of dollars and twenty years have gone into the marketing of the .com extension. The brand recognition is woven deeply into the very fabric of the Internet, and .com has a truly global reach.

Of the approximately 250 million domains name registered, across all of the top level domain extensions (as of the end of 2012), over 100 million are for .com! The .net extension is a distant second at a bit over 14 million. So when it comes time to consider a domain name that will give your online business presence a larger presence – why fight the tide? It’s hard to fight the power of .com. It IS the best extension to give you the farthest and widest Intenet reach.

I don’t see anything fundamentally changing that value proposition any time soon. Even the coming flood of new extensions won’t do it. There will be a few minor winners in that game, but overall they’re going to bleed MASSIVE amounts of traffic to the established .com owners. And that’s going to make holders of high quality/highly searched .com names very happy!

Now off to chase that Ice Cream Truck. Maybe I can convince him to think bigger and get off the road. With a good .com name he can start an online business….with a GLOBAL reach!

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