12 Reasons That Your (Domain) Baby Might Be Ugly

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When you’re in the business of brokering domain names, you sometimes get unsolicited emails from the entire spectrum of domainers. They’ll ask you to help them sell names that are – well, to be honest – they’re just downright ugly! Nature of the beast though, it comes with the territory. The funny thing is that when we see a really bad name sell for boatloads of money, it just seems to perpetuate the fantasy.

Many of the emails that I get are for names that most domainers and end users wouldn’t even hand register. Beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that. I do my best to not insult anybody though. It’s always better to be nice in this business. We live and work in a relatively small pond. Bad karma is something that I do my best to avoid.  And you don’t have to be mean to get your point across.

But really – sometimes you want to just say –  ‘Those domains are  SO ugly!!’ FWIW – I like babies! I’ve been blessed with a few! They’re just fabulous and perfect little creatures. Well, at least mine were! 😉 And I don’t think that I’ve really ever seen one that was truly ugly. I remember a comedian joking about this when she said that God made babies cute so we wouldn’t strangle them. There’s probably a kernel of truth to that joke though!

But ugly domain names? That’s a different story. We all know what a pretty domain looks like. They’re usually the ones that sell for big bucks, like the stellar domain sales on this list! So in the spirit of conveying WHY your domain names might be ugly – here’s a few things to consider:


1) Did you really expect me to not notice that you hand registered the name 4 days ago? Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

2) You don’t even own the name (yet!). Did you really expect me to ‘Make An Offer’ so you can try to drop catch or hand register it?!

3) It describes something that nobody sells online! What would I really do with a website named ThisBike.info? I guess that I could tell the world all the info that anybody could ever want to know about – this bike? So maybe I could sell it to somebody. I guess.

4) Advertisers don’t exist for that term. You did look – right? Commercial use helps a name have value.

5) Sorry, but nobody is looking for, or cares about AppointSupreme.com. Has anybody in the history of the spoken word ever even said that out loud? Besides you when you registered it?

6) Just because I own StockShare.com, doesn’t mean that I’d also want to buy BestStocksForYou.info!

7) It’s impossibly long, and will never have any traffic. Unless you pay for it. Over and over. Or spend a LOT of time and piles of money building a website.

8) I can’t spell it, and neither can 99.9% of the literate people on the planet!

9) Just because it’s a .com, doesn’t mean that it’s valuable. Approximately 90- 95% of the registered .com’s have very little or no value. Except for this one of course!

10) It’s in an unloved extension, and it doesn’t even have good keywords?

11) It’s not short or memorable and it fails the ‘radio worthy’ test. If you heard it on the radio – would you, or anybody else, remember it easily?

12) If it’s such a great domain – why are you so eager to sell it?!


I’m sure we can all add a few more reasons to this short list. But this is a start. Truth be told – I have a few ugly names too!! Don’t we all?! :(

BTW – that great picture is a baby aye-aye, taken by Chris Corwin. So ugly that it’s actually cute!

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